Business Acceleration Services


Visioning is always talked about but rarely done the way it should be.

Implementation Support

Implementation is everything. A great vision without the proper implementation will mean sub-standard results.

Business Acceleration Services

Do you sense that your business has the potential to grow much faster? However, when you look at the current situation, sustaining the current growth itself seems a tough ask? You are sure you are missing something, which is right in front of you. However hard you try though, you cannot put your finger on it?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, you and your company can immensely benefit from Floatstone’s business acceleration service. We have brought together a range of services that support your business create and maintain an aligned vision for the entire team, provide implementation support in critical areas, and also take on execution in select areas through our partners.

Floatstone has a single minded goal – accelerating your business. We work closely with you make this a reality for you.


Visioning is always talked about but rarely done the way it should be. We usually start our engagements by ensuring that the company has an aligned vision in place. This ensures that the collective growth initiative will ultimately deliver the promised business acceleration.

Visioning Workshop

This is the preferred starting point for our engagement. The objective is for the company to create an aligned, inspiring vision. We use methodologies and techniques honed over various engagements to facilitate the visioning exercise.There are three aspects of the workshop that enhance the utility of this exercise over a period of time:

  • Ownership: We ensure that the vision is created by each and every person on the team. This has the obvious benefit that each person owns up the vision as their own rather than a corporate vision that is imposed on them.
  • Alignment: A lot of time is spent during the workshop on creating alignment. Alignment is different than Consensus. The Alignment process ensures that nobody compromises on their ideas or principles – the facilitation process ensures that. There is no going back by any team members once they are aligned and that gives immense power to the vison created.
  • Future Based: This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of the vision. We work with the team to ensure that the vision is not based on what has happened in the past – what has worked and what has not worked, for the company and for them individually. Rather, we facilitate a process in which the vision is created based on the future. A vision created in this manner is interestingly more audacious and achievable at the same time.

Vision Validation

If you already have a vision which is democratised across the organisation, we work with the teams to validate the vision from the following perspectives:

  • The vision is uniformly understood across functions and levels in the organisation
  • The organisational goals are synchronised with the vision which means fulfilling the vision will endure that the goals will be met
  • The current actions in the organisation are synchronised with the goals and the vision

In case we uncover ant discrepancies, we discuss with you about the required steps to align
the vision, goals, and actions which could range from minor realignments to a new visioning workshop.

Implementation Support

Implementation is everything. A great vision without the proper implementation will mean sub-standard results. This is the main reason why we insist providing all the possible implementation support in our engagements.
Why implementation support, why not implementation? Because we strongly believe in capability building within the organisation. Enabling the internal teams to ideate, plan, and implement creates everlasting ability in the organising to keep evolving and meeting the new challenges.
The implementation support we provide is tailored to your requirements. There are aspects we can provide on our own, which we do. We support you in seeking support for the aspects in which we do not have the skills to provide implementation support. In the end, it’s all about making sure you get complete and appropriate support.

Program Management

A powerful vision usually spawns numerous complex inter-related projects. Program Management is critical to ensure that all projects are leading to the goals defined, the interdependencies are taken care of, and risks are managed at various levels in the organisation.
Program Management builds on the vision by first creating measurable outcomes and then the milestones in reaching those outcomes. It’s a roadmap for fulfilling the vision. We then work with the teams looking at specific projects to integrate them and validate the milestones. We implement a governance model, including issue management and risk management processes, to ensure all aspects of the program are monitored and steered in the right direction.

Leadership Development (MOLT)

Why are we talking about Leadership? Simply because as per Warren Bennis, who is widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership Studies, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” That is what we are up to. There are numerous interventions designed for Leadership development, so what add another one now? Simply because we believe most of the current interventions do not work.
MOLT is a leadership development initiative based on principles of natural learning – learning as it was supposed to be. Try, Fail, Try Again, Fail, Discover for yourself, Try Again….Succeed. Whatever we learn this way, we never forget and that’s the intention of MOLT.
We have distilled learnings from Theatre to create a unique leadership development program which is challenging and fun at the same time. Participants undergo a testing time gruelling with unique challenges and ultimately discover and break their barriers to leadership which they naturally start applying at work.
The program is developed in association with Ekjute, a renowned Theatre group. It is poised to be a highly successful intervention for leadership development.

Employee Satisfaction

We not experts at Human Resource Management but we can support you create reliable measures for employee satisfaction and guide you towards the kind of programs that will dramatically alter employee satisfaction.
It has to be begin with a genuine desire to acknowledge employees as one of the core assets of the organisation, albeit a unique one. An asset that has aspirations, feelings, and emotions on one hand and virtually unlimited potential for performance on the other hand. Once we are aligned with the intent, we support you create structures which ensure that you can be in touch with the pulse of the employees at all times and are taking actions which are consistent with the intent.
The ultimate objective is to make this work redundant – there should be no employees in the organisation, only partners on the journey to fulfil the vision.

Customer Satisfaction

Organisations exist because of customers and their satisfaction is paramount. Period. We support you to deal with customer satisfaction from this simple but profound mantra.
We work with you to design an appropriate way to reliably measure customer satisfaction. Once we have a sense of there we are, we work with the relevant teams to design initiatives intended to alter whatever is currently affecting customer satisfaction. A feedback loop ensure that we measure the desired outcome against the intended outcome and do course corrections as required.
Customer requirements never remain static and neither do their expectations related to their requirements. Customer satisfaction practices need to account for these constantly changing dynamics. It is not easy but the rewards are significant. This is the most important driver of business as it not only affects business retention but also growth.
We support you in designing customer satisfaction initiatives that cater to all these aspects and hence becomes a major contributor to your growth.

Marketing Strategy

We support organisations develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which is aligned with the vison and the goal of the organisation. We facilitate a structured approach to look through various aspects of marketing in an integrated manner. This ensures a high level of clarity in terms of the marketing initiatives required to fulfil the medium and long term goals of the organisation.
We work through various stages of building the strategy – Business Objective, Marketing Objective, Determining the Source of Volume, Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, and finally the 4 Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This is done through a series of workshops interlaced with relevant market research.
The impact of this work ranges from making sure that all the things that were in the head of people is put on paper formally to organisations discover completely new strategies that they had never seen before. Undertaking this exercise before giving the brief for Promotion campaign can be one of the most efficient actions any organisation can take.

IT Solutions

Almost every solution that gets implemented these days can and probably is enabled by a technology solution. There are numerous solutions available out there starting from simple and specialised bespoke solutions to highly integrated and technologically complex solutions. Technology has also made interconnection between various solutions also very easy – software or hardware to software or hardware.
We support you in cutting through the clutter of the solutions to figure out the combination(s) that will work best with you. We can support you source, evaluate, and select vendors. We then program manage these implementations also as part of the overall program management to ensure that you are not in a fix after procuring the solution.
In our experience, same solution has produced the best of successes and the worst of failures. We can make a difference between the two by ensure proper selection and implementation.